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Tikli Group Oy

Tikli Group Oy is a traditional company started in Vimpeli in Southern Ostrobothnia in 1992.


tikli group oy made in finland aaa 9001

Our company's roots date back to the early 60's. Our growing company currently employs 100 people (2022) and our turnover is about 18 million Eur.

High quality Tikli products: ladders and scaffolds, aluminium windows, aluminium doors andMitax levelers have a great reputation among the professional users. We're constantly developing new products such as our ownTikliPiha Garden products and Silencio Soundproof Workspaces for industry and offices. Our products have been avarded with a Key Flag.

Further processing of aluminium We're using multiple powerfull CNC machining centers. Read more aboutfurther processing of aluminium.

Our operating system has been audited in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Our company policy is provided upon request (Loviisa Anttila, Quality Control Manager). Tikli products are tested according to EN and CE-markings.

We offer you a versatile opportunity to get acquainted with our products on our web site. You will also find a Tikli contact person who will help you to find the right products and solutions.


Pasi Arvola
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+358 207 609 260