Silencio - Soundproof workspace

The soundproof and mobile Tikli Silencio workspace solutions will revolutionise the workstation solutions for industrial properties and offices.

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Tikli Silencio is a high-quality soundproof workspace for industrial and office use, manufactured in Finland. It is suitable for all facilities requiring calm workstation, reducing the surrounding noise. Silencio is a light, mobile space solution made of aluminium which may also be adapted to users’ needs.

In a factory environment, Silencio can be used to comfortably bring the workstation next to loud machinery. On the other hand, it can be used to create a quiet space for telephone discussions in open-plan offices.

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Standard models

Workstation for two people

Tikli Silencio työtila

Workstation for two people for the industry and offices. The workstations are located on both sides of the door. The dimensions of the factory model are 3,100 * 2,000 * 2,320 mm

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Space for telephone discussions

Tikli Silencio puhelinkeskustelutila

A compact space for telephone discussions for open-plan offices and the industry. A space for a standing desk is located by the rear wall. The dimensions of the factory model are 1,200 * 1,200 * 2,320 mm



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Silencio projects are soundproof up to approximately -35 dB. Where necessary, Silencio can be adapted to become even more soundproof!

Premium quality

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Tikli Group Oy is known for its high-quality aluminium products. Tikli Silencio products are also manufactured at Vimpeli in southern Ostrobothnia with the very best expertise.


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Silencio products are made of resistant and light aluminium. Tikli Group Oy is a professional of aluminium construction with more than 25 years of experience.

Fresh Air

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It is easy to breathe in a Silencio working space! All working spaces are ventilated, and they can also be equipped with features such as dust-filtering ventilation.


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Silencio penetrates mobile phone and WiFi signals. All Silencio models are equipped with the necessary electrical sockets and an Ethernet connection.


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Factory models equipped with the Silencio basic properties may be adapted to the client’s wishes in terms of dimensions, colour and properties.


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Standard equipment

 • 3100 x 2000 mm (l x d)
 • 2000 x 2000 mm (l x d)
 • 1200 x 1200 mm (l x d)
 • Height 2320 mm

 • ~35 dB

 • Recirculating air fan

• dB glass

Electrical connection:
 • 230v 50 Hz 10A

Standard equipment (inside):
• Recirculating air fan, LED light, 2-component socket and Ethernet
• Roof CLT plate / Sandwich panel
• Film / wire plywood on the floor

Standard colours:
 • RAL 7024 (Graphite grey)
 • RAL 9010 (Pure white)

Other dimensions, colours and accessories as agreed.



Ari Pasanen

Product Group Manager
Silencio, TikliPiha
040 542 5808