Aluminium windows and doors

Installation and maintenance instructions


Installation and maintenance instructions

  • Tikli Pontti windows (PDF)
  • Tikli aluminium windows and doors (PDF)
  • Compartment Tikli aluminium windows and doors (PDF)


  • Tikli Pontti windows (DWG)
    • Installation on the plinth block (PDF)
    • Installation, insulation and sealing (Sheet metal) (PDF)
    • Installation, insulation and sealing (Aluminium) (PDF)
    • Aperture measurement (PDF)
    • Joint between the window and the plinth block (PDF)
    • Subsequent installation: installation, insulation and sealing (PDF)
    • Frame options (PDF)
    • Frames opening inwards and outwards (PDF)
    • Horizontal and vertical extension (PDF)
  • Tikli aluminium windows and doors
    • Tikli door LK78H U value 1,0 (DWG)
    • Tikli door , LKH78H U value 1,4 (DWGDWG)
    • Tikli door , LKH90H (DWGDWG)
    • Tikli door , P50 (DWGDWG)
  • Compartment aluminium windows and doors
    • Tikli door P80 EI30 (DWG)
    • Tikli door P80 EI60 (DWG)

Performance level notifications

  • Tikli aluminium doors for warm facilities (PDF)
  • Tikli aluminium doors for semi-warm facilities (PDF)

Product approval certificates

  • Compliance certificate for smoke vent windows (PDF)
  • Type-approval for fire doors (PDF)

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