Aluminum windows

tikliIkkunatWe manufacture aluminum windows in exterior, interior and fire compartment walls. In addition to the basic windows, we have a Tikli ribbon window designed to be compatible with sandwich elements (tin-insulator damper). In our range there is an alternative to 100-240 mm thick sandwich elements. All the windows can be fitted with in-out and out-of-the-way frames as well as smoke removal windows.

The windows are made of aluminum and can be surface treated by painting in RAL and RR colors or by anodizing. The glazing is selectable according to the requirements of the object with a glass element thickness of 4 to 57 mm. The window dimensions of the window elements are between 600 and 400 mm. From special order we also manufacture longer elements.

For more information about Tikli windows and dwgs for design use, contact Tikli's advisory service.