Tikli PT 80 Individual 4,2 m


The Finnish Organization for Rescue Services (SPEK) has accepted them as a reserve solution (Opinion 10/98).

Safe exit solution
 Locking lenses make the rise from the bottom up impossible. The ladder can be flipped down from any layer - and it does not prevent opening from the upper layers later.

Carrying capacity:
The payload is two people every two meters - that is, as much as it is possible for ladders to agree. (VTT Research Certificate No. VAL 42-980728).

Service personnel:
TIKLI escape cranes can be used as service booths, for example in warehouses, silos, engine rooms, vehicles, etc. Unwanted operation can be ensured by locking the opening system with a padlock.

One convenient and invisible in the detached houses:
Tikli exit is the most practical and safest exit solution in one and a half and two-story small houses. With the exterior color of the house, they are almost unnoticeable when painted with dirt.

Technique in a Nutshell:
The stern exit is made of a domestic aluminum profile AL MgSi 0,5 F 22. All bolts and rivets are made of stainless steel. The ladder step spacing is 300mm. Wall mounting at 1500 mm increments. Spacious steps provide a firm grip for both hands and feet. The length elements can be customized according to the object to be installed.

For detached houses ladders can be installed by themselves. Most of the apartment buildings require a professional installer, only because of the wall height of the houses. Detailed installation instructions always follow the delivery, you can also download the instructions below.

Product code: PT80Y42RR20
EAN-code: 6 417678 802425

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