Regulations for ladders and scaffolds

The use of ladders and scaffolding is governed by Finnish legislation in the following regulations:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (TTL 738/2002)
  • Government Decision on Safe Use of Work Tools (VnA856 / 98)
  • Government Decision on Construction Security (VnA 205/2009)
  • Decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the use of work shelves and anti-fall protection structures in construction work (STM 156/1998)

European standards for products:

  • SFS-EN 131 Stairs (not harmonized, so do not qualify for CE marking)
  • SFS-EN 14396 Stairway stairs for walkways
  • EN-1004 Mobile access and working Towers made of prefabricated elements
  • The Center for Occupational Safety has instructed the use of ladders in the industry in its safely ladder.

Construction sites are now using new RT stewardess instructions. The guidelines define the safety, operating and stability requirements of the needlework tools used on site. The companies below are committed to the following enclosures.