Safe use with Tikli ladder

Ladder selection

The Tikli family offers a number of ladder options for both professional and household and leisure use. The range includes standing ladders, combo, base, multipurpose and special ladders.

It is important to consider the conditions of use and the intended use of the selection. Other important points include: ladder stiffness, mobility, length, and the need for other accessories. With proper ladders, the job is safe and efficient.

The ladder's fitness

Tikli ladders are made of aluminum alloy, which is a very durable material. Thanks to its light weight, ladders are easy to move from one job to another.

When used or stored, aluminum casings may also be subjected to dirt or other damage from outside. For this reason, the condition of the ladder must be checked carefully before use. Damaged ladder must be deactivated immediately.

Quality assurance

Tikli ladders are manufactured according to standards SFS-EN 131-1:2015 and SFS-EN 131-2:2015.Tikli Group Oy has a ladder entry license issued by the licensee regularly. In addition, we have certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 environmental and quality systems based on which our operating environment has been developed. This guides both our design and production operations.

Please note:

Safety is a priority for ladder users. When properly used in ladder work, injury injuries can be minimized.

The angle of inclination should be 75 °. In this way, the sliding of the bottom of the stitch is avoided outward.

Rubber plugs at the lower end of the slots and ladder accessories (convertible set and adjustable support leg) improve the stability of the lower end on slippery, uneven and soft platforms. The stability of the dagger can be enhanced by accessories: extension upper element, element hooks and other fastening hooks, and stand-up leg.

The EN131-1: 2015 Regulation sets out additional requirements for skeletons with a length of over 3m. The requirements are met when using the optional MS = conversion kit (incl. Bracket + safety strap). The requirements are met with the following horizontal support lengths: MS = 1080mm (A37-A61, all up to 6.1m), MS73/85 = 1200mm.

Remember that ladder is not intended as a working platform! Climb the ladder with both hands free and face facing the ladder.

The platform for free standing planks must be flat. The ladder is carefully opened in the operating position straight and upper level locked.

NB! Make sure that the ladder sides are in the correct orientation (as shown), ie the narrow part of the ladder is up and the wide section is down. Place the ladder so that it is facing the workpiece.

Storing ladders

Store the ladder carefully. The storage site should preferably be located indoors and close to work. The boxes should be easily and safely accessible when needed. Metal cuttings should not be stored in rooms with corrosive substances in the air. The ladder should not be hung from small or sideways. The ladder should be stored, with a lower sidewall in the resting position. Each ladder should have a ladder number or other place to store.