Safety rails and fall protection

nousukisko1Lifting ladder 1 TIKLI booths can be equipped with a safety harness track or back cover if the lift height exceeds 8m (Finnish Building Codebook F2). When using safety equipment, make sure that the ladder is installed in accordance with the instructions.

The length of the raft rails is 3 m and it is shortened and extended as needed. The lift rail is made of aluminum material. The weight of the boot rack system and its accessories must not exceed 150 kg. The lift rails can be used by one user at a time on a six-meter journey. The rope rail can be attached to the house and loggia. Polish strength 25mm.

The Tikli 150 boom system has been tested in accordance with EN 353-1: 2002 and method CNB / P / 11.073 and meets the requirements of the EU Personnel Protection Directive 89/686 / EEC. The CE mark is granted by the ANCCP Certification Agency, CERT_ N˚_147_DPI.

Do not use parts of the TIKLI entry system with other parts of the manufacturer.

Tikli roof rails can be used to secure personal safety equipment (safety rope). The safety belt anchorages include the wagon in the safety rail and the rope fasteners to the roof bridge edge. Both the horizontal wagon and the rope fastener have the flexibility to soften the friction pad due to the possible fall of the flexible attenuator.

The safety strap may not be attached to the cross-section of the roof bridge because the roof structure is not intended to withstand it.

For the use of safety equipment, the installation of the roof bridge on the roof is carried out according to the type of roof according to the instructed installation procedures.

Only safety ropes provided by Tikli Group Oy or otherwise EN 359 can be used as safety screens.