Ladder products

kattoturvatuotteetAll buildings must have safe access to the watercourse, rooftop rope, chimney, roof umbrellas and other dependable items. Safe down access from the balconies and upstairs rooms must also be catered for.

When the dagger is at an altitude of eight meters or more, it must be fitted with a safety rails or a backguard (Finnish Building Code Collection F2). The TIKLI ladder system provides ladders for all the aforementioned applications using optional accessories.

The building blocks must withstand the damage without damaging a vertical load of at least 2.6 kN and a vertical total load of at least 2.6 kN per 2 meters each. The top arc of the house and its attachment must withstand a horizontal force of at least 0.5 kN (RT 85-10708).

TIKLI ladders meet the above requirements. In addition, according to the design requirements, the free width of the ladder is 400 mm long and the mutual distance 300 mm. The ladders are made of hot dip galvanized steel tubes. The tubes are 25x45 mm oval tubes and 25 mm tubes. The poles are attached to the trunk tubes by the riveting method with the other joints being screw joints.