Roof bridges

kattosilta tikasQuiet roof bridges are used as an extension of walls and logs for the construction of safe passageways for roofed maintenance sites, eg for chimneys.

Standard SFS-EN 516 provides two installation options for roof bridges: Class 1 and Class 2. Personal safety equipment may only be used for Class 2 roof bridges. For a two-storey or 9-m high building with a 1: 8 or sloping slope roof, roof installation may only be used for installation of Class 2 (F2 Finnish Building Ordinance Collection)

Over two-storey houses with a slope of 1: 1.5 or more steep roof, roof bridges must be equipped with safety rails or at least 1 100 mm high wicker rail.

TIKLI roof bridges are manufactured in accordance with standard SFS-EN 516. The ceiling bridges have a working width of 350 mm. The roof bridges, related parts and brackets, and the installation methods for various roofing materials have passed static and dynamic tests in accordance with standard SFS-EN 516 Class 2. This is evidenced by the approved execution of tests supervised by VTT and thus the right to use the CE mark on the products.

TIKLI roof rails can be used with horizontal rail and its components. The products are compatible and tested together in accordance with standard SFS-EN 516. When installed, the TIKLI roof bridges are long-lasting and safe to use.