Snow barriers

lumieste1The snow stops to prevent dangerous situations that may be caused by falling snow and ice from the roof. In addition, snow-proof structures can be used to protect roof structures. Snow obstacles should be used on the roof when its steepness is 1: 8 or steeper.

The luminaires should be positioned as close to the rake as possible so that the snow loads move to load-bearing structures. The snow barrier shall not be used as an anchorage for a safety rope.

The snow barrier and its attachment must withstand a load of at least 5 kN / m. TIKLI snowmen meet these requirements. This is evidenced by the product certificate issued by VTT. Snow liquids meet the requirements of RT-card 85-10708.

In order to meet the above-mentioned requirements for the use of snow gates and the attachment to roof structures, it is essential to have access to installation, operation and maintenance instructions in their dimensioning and installation.